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Customers have to comply with the rules and regulations as follows -

Listen attentively when Xtreme Racing staff makes a pre-driving briefing.
Wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Xtreme Racing can provide shoes and jackets on request. All drivers have to wear closed shoes.
Helmets are mandatory.
Long hair has to be tied up and tucked inside the helmet.
Customers are not allowed to drive if intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs.
Do not drive if you suffer from heart disease or back & neck pain.
Do not bump other Go-Karts or track partitions.
Slow down under yellow flags.
Follow all the directives of the track marshal.
Never get out of the Go-Kart for any reason on the track without permission of the track marshal.
The customer must not drive in a reckless manner that will endanger other customers.
Customers may use lockers at their own risk. Xtreme Racing cannot accept liability for any loss or theft.
Management reserves the right to exclude anyone who does not abide by the rules of Xtreme Racing.
Customers who drive in a dangerous manner or bump other karts willfully may be sent off. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.
All loose items of clothing have to be secured.
Xtreme Racing

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